Nová aktualizace serveru

Autor: Mic-net <wow(at)>, Téma: Informace., Vydáno dne: 14. 03. 2011

Dnes (14.3.2011) byla nasazena nová revize databáze i emulátoru...

Update pack 399, for Mangos 11242 for 3.3.5a, SQL for ScriptDev2 1990.

Biggest changes:

•New gossip data, including many trainers, ~800 new creatures linked to gossip menu.
•500 new mineral nodes in Northrend.
•200 new mineral nodes in Outland.
•1900 quests got emotes added.
•1500 (roughly) supplemental GO spawns, rel. to quests and similar.
•More NPC stats fixes (faction, damage, health etc).
•Correcting phased spawns in areas like Shadow Vault, Malykriss, Orgrimmar and Weeping Quarry.
•Additional spawns for Lunar Festival (mostly Northrend).
•Brew of the Month adjustments, all months have vendor.
•Wintergrasp additional spawns, and correct some current.
•Few more achievement fixes/additions.