Nová aktualizace serveru

Autor: Mic-net <wow(at)>, Téma: Oznámení., Vydáno dne: 15. 02. 2011

Dnes (15.2.2011) byla nasazena nová revize databáze i emulátoru...

Updatepack 398, for Mangos 11156, w/ SQL for ScriptDev2 1976

Biggest changes:

•Added missing GO's in AQ40
•Added additional spawns for Brewfest event
•Added additional spawns for Hallow's end event
•Added additional spawns for Battleground holiday events (cities)
•Slave Pens GO's related to midsummer event + some cleaning to the event
spawns •Added missing spawns in Vault of Archavon
•Add and correct spawns related to Darkmoon events
•The bar in Shattrath now has standup show and L70ETC concert events
•Areas related to Argent Vanguard has now spawns for the default phase
•Several "blank" areas (Northrend) are now spawned as they should
•A wide range of cosmetic GO's are added (road signs, etc)
•Misc fixes from forums